Madmødet is the first and largest joint celebration of Central and Western Jutland's fantastic food.


Madmødet takes place throughout Central and Western Jutland with farmers, fishermen, restaurants, towns, cultural institutions, producers and nature sites.


Madmødet is for everyone - those who harvest, those who fish, those who prepare, those who decide, and those of us who eat!


Madmødet will be held from 22 to 29 May 2023.


Madmødet 2023 will be held from 22 to 29 May. If you are a food producer, chef, cultural person or otherwise interested in local food events, then you can be part of MADMØDET 2023. Contact us for more information. 

Madmødet is Central and West Jutland's great food celebration, bringing together all those who eat, those who harvest, those who fish, those who prepare and those who decide. The people, the producer, the chef and the politician. Madmødet aims to create a common awareness and pride in the wealth of food that we can offer here in Central and Western Jutland, and not least to be a branding platform for the local food companies, organisations and players in Central and Western Jutland.

Madmødet is not just one meeting or one taste of what the area can do, but the sum of countless meetings on food across sectors and interests now and in the years to come. Madmødet is gathered around a number of events with farmers, fishermen, various producers, in nature, restaurants and cultural institutions in the 7 Central and Western Jutland municipalities.

We look forward to dining with you again on 22-29 May 2023! 

Madmødet is organised by Business Region MidtVest and is the signature event of the European Gastronomy Region.