For centuries, the West Jutland nature and proud food tradition has formed the foundation for this area´s multitudinous selection of the world class and for the particulary west jutlandish food culture. Here you´ll find farms with fields and pastures; closeness to the fjords and the sea, where fishermen land fish in the busy westcaost harbours; and a bountiful nature where both live stock and wild animals graze, gaining the taste of west jutland. Combined, this creates a unique pantry with a long series of local produce, which the west jutesthroughout the generations have developed with respect for their traditions and craftmanship and, last but not least, the genuine natural purity which is only obtainable when everything is available right outside your door. 


We want to celebrate the West Jutland foods, and therefore we have created these beautifully created pictures, for You to download for free. Let the pictures decorate in your kitchen, og use them as a souvenier from tour holiday. We hope you will enjoy the pictures and celebrate the local food of West Jutland.

Download the pictures further down

Cheese Image
Stauning Whiskey Image
Red Deer
Lokale Weltklasse-Lebensmittel Image
Lokale Fødevarer i Verdensklasse Image
Local Worldclass food Image