Madmødet is Central and West Jutland's great food celebration, bringing together all those who eat, those who harvest, those who fish, those who prepare and those who decide. The people, the producer, the chef and the politician.

Madmødet is gathered around a number of events with farmers, fishermen, various producers, in nature, restaurants and cultural institutions in the 7 Central and Western Jutland municipalities.


At MADMØDET, we meet transversely, and the most natural place to meet is in the home of the individual on the farm, on the ship, in the production, in the restaurant, in the field, in the brewery, in the distillery, in the herb garden, in the dairy and in the square in the large towns. 

Madmødet creates a shared awareness and pride in the wealth of food that we can offer here in Central and Western Jutland. Madmødet is not just a taste of what we can do. Here in the region we will have thousands of meetings about food in the years to come.

We open our kitchens, our larders, our nature, our agriculture and our businesses, so many more can get a taste of Central and Western Jutland. Not just once, but all year round.


In our region, we strive every day to produce world-class produce and food in the face of sea spray, poor soil and winds that try to blow us away. And that's why our produce and food are worth travelling for. 

The continued development of an entire food industry requires much more than one event. It takes many years of hard work. We know. It's about dialogue, knowledge, experience, courage and then it's about putting the right people together, and that's what we do at Madmødet.

The goal is clear. We want to make our area richer by producing more food, new food and offering even more people the chance to be part of the special food experiences we have here.


Madmødet is organised by Business Region MidtVest, a collaboration between seven municipalities in Central and Western Jutland: Herning, Holstebro, Ikast-Brande, Lemvig, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Skive and Struer. The aim of the collaboration is to strengthen growth, create new jobs and attract qualified workers to the area. The development of the food industry in Central and Western Jutland is one of our main focus areas.

Madmødet is also the signature event of the European Gastronomy Region.