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We call all food people in Herning, Holstebro, Ikast-Brande, Lemvig, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Skive and Struer - come and be part of Madmødet 2023 from 22-29 May! 

Madmødet is yours, and that's why we want your food, your businesses, your passion and your ideas! 

So, whether you have a local product, a restaurant or a business in Central and Western Jutland, or you have a great idea for a fantastic food event, have an event ready, have a great idea for a rewarding collaboration or an idea for something completely different, please get in touch.

We are always interested in passionate players, opportunities and great initiatives and events that tap into the Madmødet's agenda or want to do so. 

If you have an event that you would like to be included in Madmødet 2023, please send an email to with your name, company name and a few sentences about your event. 

If you would like to discuss the possibilities, help developing ideas for a possible event or just more information about Madmødet 2023, please contact us.

We hope that you will invite each other and our citizens, visitors, politicians and professionals to Madmødet, so that together we can show what we in Central and Western Jutland can do in the food industry.  

Events are considered on a rolling basis and the Madmødet team reserves the right to decline an event if it falls outside the scope of Madmødet.

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If you are a chef, kitchen manager, canteen manager or restaurant owner, you can help highlight the fantastic produce of Central and Western Jutland through Madmødet's Menu. In recent years, several canteens and restaurants in Central and Western Jutland have served Madmødet's Menu -an initiative where restaurants and kitchens during Madmødet serve a full menu or selected dishes with local ingredients. The canteen manager, chef or restaurateur chooses the dishes and whether it is the same menu every day or a new dish every day. The important thing is that the ingredients are local.

Read more about Madmødet's Menu and write to if you want to participate or hear more about Madmødet's Menu.

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The Gastronomic Task Force is a free and recognised offer for anyone who serves food!

For the past five years, the Food Organisation of Denmark together with Business Region MidtVest has offered Central and West Jutland eateries a free sparring session through the Gastronomic Task Force, also formerly called Better Dining Experiences.

The driving force behind the Gastronomic Task Force is to elevate gastronomy outside the major towns and cities in Denmark, so that Danes and tourists can have the best possible food experiences throughout the country. Danish gastronomy has boomed in recent years, with the major towns and cities in particular making the headlines, but there is also a rapid development underway outside the cities, and Business Region MidtVest and the Gastronomic Task Force want to continue to promote this development! 

Madmødet and the Gastronomic Task Force

We are experiencing a tremendous development in gastronomy and we want, like the Gastronomic Task Force, to do our part to ensure that the development continues, so that the restaurant industry in Central and Western Jutland experiences the progress, the attention and the recognition that the region's chefs and our food deserve.

That is why we are also huge advocates of the Gastronomic Task Force, and in collaboration with Madmødet 2023, we want to spread the opportunities for more Central and Western Jutland eateries to get a course entirely on your own terms.

Read more about the free course and your opportunities at the Gastronomic Task Force - BRmidtvest.

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Do you want to work (more) with organics and sustainability in your kitchen?

Then the opportunity is here. In 2023, you can have one (or more) employees attend the "Organics and Sustainability" course. Here, the focus is on bringing more sustainability into professional kitchens.

Over eight days of classes, you will learn about sustainability, the organic food label, carbon accounting, resources, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, environmental management and more. Afterwards, we hold three workshop days for the whole staff in your kitchen, so the whole team is working in the same direction.

The course is aimed both at those who are already doing it and those who are unsure where to start.

Price: DKK 2000.
Includes one place on the "Organics and Sustainability" course with books and catering + three workshop days for the whole staff in your kitchen. Normal price up to DKK 45,000.

Read more and register at or contact Inge Hummelshøj at +45 29 69 64 91 /

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